Santa Barbara Skinny Pig Sales Policy

1. We will not sell to anyone under the age of 18, unless accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian.
2. We will not sell a guinea pig to be housed with rabbits.
3. If you would like to reserve a skinny pig, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost must be paid. The remainder is due upon receipt of the guinea pig. You must pick up your guinea pig within two weeks of the date the animal is ready unless prior arrangement is made. Otherwise, it will be assumed you no longer want or can take the guinea pig and it will be offered to the next interested party and your deposit will be forfeited.
4. We reserve the right to change our minds regarding the sale and in this case the deposit will be returned in full.
5. If a guinea pig you have reserved via deposit becomes ill or passes away before transfer, the deposit will be returned in full.
6. Guinea pigs sold by Erin Koski and Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs are free from any known defects, ailments or injuries. At your expense, SB Skinny Pigs can obtain a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian before purchase, pick-up, or transport (price subject to change but $60 as of June, 2017).
7. When you or your transportation service provider takes responsibility, or when the animal leaves our caviary (whichever comes first) we revoke any and all guarantees due to risks that are beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to, improper circumstance, handling, and care provided by the new owner and/or transportation service.
8. If your guinea pig becomes ill or dies within 48 hours of your taking control of the animal, Erin Koski and Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs may choose, in her and its sole and absolute discretion, to offer a future replacement of like kind and value, when available, or to refund monies paid for any guinea pig needing veterinary care within the first 48 hours. In such an event, immediate communication along with proof of illness or death from a licensed veterinarian and return of the animal may be necessary and all medical costs and expenses shall be the responsibility of the buyer.
9. Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs is a closed caviary for the health and safety of our animals. We do not accept appointments in our home but will meet you in a public place.
10. Erin Koski and Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason deemed necessary and to revoke an agreement of sale at any point of time in its sole and absolute discretion and without the need to provide reasons for such revocation. We have the right to cancel a sale at any time until the guinea pig has been picked up and is officially sold.

If you find yourself unable to keep or care for your skinny pig any longer, please contact us as we can usually offer your guinea pig a home, even if it was not purchased through us.

Breakdown of Shipping Costs within the territorial US

My shipping costs generally include:

Total materials and airline cost for shipment of small carrier: $265-325
*We are currently working to make the health certificate *optional* at the buyer's discretion. Ask if this is available!

Shipping adds significantly to the cost!

When safe, I will consider overland travel if the buyer arranges and pays for transportation. The difficulty with overland transportation is that most drivers only meet on their very limited schedule and since I work a 9-5 job during the week I am not always able to take time off from my desk job to go transfer guinea pigs. If I am unable to meet your driver due to their very limited meeting options, I reserve the right to cancel the sale without refund. Alternatively we may reschedule the meet for next time the driver is going from me to you, but "room and board" costs may be incurred on your babies who have to wait (typically a 2-4 week wait between drives).

Breakdown of Shipping Costs to Canada

My shipping costs generally include:

Total materials and airline cost for shipment of small carrier with 2 guinea pigs: $214*

*NOTE: In addition to the costs above, Canada charges taxes and import fees to anyone importing guinea pigs from another country. You should estimate around $115CAD on top of everything to receive your animals and release them from customs.

Breakdown of Shipping Costs to Hong Kong

My shipping costs generally include:

Total materials and airline cost for shipment of small carrier with 3 guinea pigs: ~$700*

Shipping to the UK

Unfortunately, due to a required 4 month quarantine for guinea pigs traveling from outside the EU, I cannot ship to the UK.

Shipping to Indonesia

Due to the required 14 day quarantine imposed on the guinea pigs, I do not ship to Jakarta. Shipping to other cities or areas may be possible.