Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs

What looks like a tiny hippopotamus and squeaks every time you open the refrigerator? It's a skinny pig! Guinea pigs of this special breed only have fur on their noses and the tops of their little Hobbit feet. Our herd is a rainbow of different coats and colors, and we sometimes have babies for sale. Check out our available piggies page, or learn more about this unique and special breed!

2017 Calendars!

We still have a few calendars left for sale ($15 each plus shipping!), and if you want a discounted price, the holes were punched a little sloppy on a half dozen or so and those are on sale for $10 each plus shipping. Send us an Email to inquire!

What People are Saying

"I just wanted to thank you for these two beautiful babies. I'm so in love & they seem to be adjusting very well. <3" -Jennifer, California

"[Jonathan is] even more handsome than what I was expecting!! the girls are all super cute lil hipos. THANKS AGAIN!!! I love how beautiful they are!!!" -Cristina, San Juan

"The pigs are so wonderful. I love my little potatoes. They are perfect. They make me smile everyday . I am glad I got all 3 together cuz they are cute and funny. Thank you again!" -Amber, CA

"Thanks again for my piggies. They are amazing creatures that you have helped create and loved. It shows." -Desirae, WA

"I love these pigs to the point of madness. They are so loving! I am so happy with these babies!" -Joyce, CA

"I am so in love with my babies!!! Thank you so much!! (: I am definitely getting more from you now." -Jami, CA

"I am in love!!!!!!!! They are the most amazing things I have ever seen. They are so sweet and calm. I can't believe how loving they are." -Angie, MD

"We are beyond thankful. My daughter is so impressed. She can't stop saying that you are amazing. Thank you for everything!!" -Tyler, TX

Where our Babies Live!

Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs have traveled to new homes across the United States!