Available Guinea Pigs

Up to date as of May 6th, 2017

Before inquiring about our babies, please make sure to check out our Sales Policy and let us know if you have any questions about it. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold and deliver any babies to you.

We expect to have more babies in the late spring and summer of 2017 so let us know if you would like to be added to our waiting list. Featured colors/patterns expected include solid black, black and white, roan, red and white, and tortoiseshell with white.

Baby Skinny Boars

Our young boars are usually socialized together and would do well living together in most any combination!

Sweet Charlie (Working off the Waitlist)

Broken Himalayan and white - Spice2 x Bon Bon. Born 04/02/2017. Sweet Charlie has grey ears and one grey rear foot. Otherwise he's pink with ruby eyes.

Barney (Reserved for Frankie in CA)

Roan (black and white) - Mr. Black x Kiwi. Born 04/28/2017. Barney is a very big baby with beautiful mottled black and pink skin.

Sebastian (Reserved for Frankie in CA)

Dark eyed gold - Mr. Black x Kiwi. Born 04/28/2017. Sebastian is a sweet little boy with extra fuzz on his face and back of the neck.

Alfie (Reserved for Heather in AL)

Tortoiseshell white - Winston x Miss Marion. Born 02/28/2017. Alfie is a beautiful black, red and cream colored skinny pig.

Crimson Tide (Reserved for Heather in AL)

Broken black, white and cream - Stewart x Heather2. Born 04/06/2017. This little boy is a beautiful tri-colored skinny pig who is buddies with Alfie.

Baby Skinny Sows

Crimson Belle (Reserved for Heather in AL)

Broken black, white and cream - Stewart x Heather2. Born 04/06/2017. This little girl has beautiful pattern and a sweet personality.

Other Guinea Pigs

Occasionally we have available carriers and adult skinny pigs looking for homes. Guinea pigs are happiest in groups of two or more, and we always prefer to place our babies with a same sex buddy if possible.

We don't have any other guinea pigs available right now, but more babies will be coming soon!

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