About Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs

Santa Barbara Skinny Pigs breeds and maintains guinea pigs of the Skinny Pig breed in Southern California. We pride ourselves in breeding and selling fine skinny pigs with healthy skin, beautiful ears and good temperaments. Our babies are handled every day, from day one, making them wonderful pets.

Our breeding is currently focused on producing skinny pigs with minimal fur. Colors we focus on include black, silver solid, broken colors and tortoiseshell with white. We offer shipping through United's PetSafe program and can deliver within Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Los Angeles delivery is often available for an additional fee. San Francisco/Sonoma County delivery may be available around the holidays in November and December.

Before inquiring about an available animal, please make sure to read over "Caring for Your Skinny Pig" as we do consider each potential home and environment carefully before transferring any of our pigs.

We can be contacted at SBSkinnyPigs@gmail.com